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We’re Going Digital!

Press Release Date: 7 Mei 2018

BELLA Tydskrif: Digital Migration

For the past 18 months, BELLA Tydskrif has been on an exciting journey to bring you the most relevant content in print media. We have strived to write about the latest fashion trends, beauty, health and other lifestyle news, on trend decor and featured in style celebrities on the cover. It has been a great learning curve for our young vibrant team to get BELLA Tydskrif onto shelves every month.

We pride ourselves in being current and relevant and it is important that we move with the times in this rapidly evolving media world.

As of today, BELLA will migrate from a print publication to a digital content platform. Our market research show that our readers prefer a digital platform to a printed publication and we have listened to their needs. Our June 2018 issue will be available on My Subs, where after we will focus solely on digital platforms.

Our themes, sections and editors will stay the same, and you are welcome to contact the team at BELLA Tydskrif for more information regarding the upcoming editorial themes and calendars.

We have enjoyed our working relationship with PR Companies, retail stores, independent outlets and individuals and hope to keep working with all of you on a regular basis. Please keep us on your media lists and check in regularly on for the latest glossy news.

We are excited for this next chapter in our BELLA journey.


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