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#BELLAQuickie Met Cara-Lisa Van Caralishious

Cara-Lisa van Caralishious antwoord vier vinnige vragies saam met BELLA!

How do you eat healthy over the festive season?

Remember that healthy eating is a lifestyle – meaning that it continues indefinitely. That doesn’t mean you have to skip on all your favourites – just be smart about it. Portion control is key so if you absolutely must have that cake, then stick to a small slice. What really gets us is the over-eating, so be aware of your portions, listen to your body and know when enough is enough. Don’t go to festive events too hungry – rather have something small just before so you don’t overdo it at the event.   Also be sure to get some good exercise. A moderate daily increase in exercise can help partially offset increased holiday eating. Try 10- or 15-minute brisk walks or runs twice a day. If you feel like keeping your calm, then opt for a light restorative yoga class. If you feel like your body needs a break, then ease up a little on your current exercise regime, but don’t stop altogether. Rather change it up, or opt for gentle exercise instead.

What side dishes would you make for Christmas lunch?

Healthy side dishes can be really easy and delicious with a few smart substitutions. Here are 6 of my favourite options

  • Steamed asparagus with an olive oil, lemon and za’atar dressing. Top with parmesan for extra flavour
  • Cauliflower mash using olive oil, blended cooked cauliflower florets, almond milk, salt and black pepper
  • Zucchini noodles – you can buy these ready prepared from woolworths – simply steam for 3 minutes and serve with your favourite pasta sauce
  • Oven roasted butternut dressed with olive oil, cinnamon on Himalayan salt
  • Steamed quinoa with a basil pesto dressing
  • Sweet potato or butternut chips – I usually cook these in my tefal airfryer with a little olive oil and Himalayan salt. Amazing!

 What is your go-to breakfast on holiday?

I am all about eggs on holiday – pretty much all holiday destinations have eggs so I usually enjoy scrambled or poached eggs for a good dose of breakfast protein that will keep me feeling satisfied and energized!

Ice cream? How do I not pack on the pounds?

If you are an ice-cream lover than opt for ice-cream variants that are made with xylitol or stevia instead of sugar, and that use natural, low-calorie flavours – for example cacao or raw unsweetened nut butters –  better yet stick to the plain flavours such as vanilla, as these have the least amount of calories. If you steering clear of dairy then my very own Caralishious Ice-vegan cream is the perfect choice – low in carbs, made with coconut milk and coconut cream, and free from sugar too! We have just launched in select Dis-Chem stores – so now it’s easier than ever to get your fix!


Geskryf deur: Mart-Marié du Toit

Foto’s: Verskaf

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